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About the FishRule Studios Family

Kyle Hageman, Co-Owner

The "Fish" in FishRule Studios is a nickname given to me by my family--it's a long story, but if you catch me at a craftshow, I'll be happy to share it!  After years of being a hobbyist woodworker, I made the leap to becoming a woodworker by profession in 2015.  I'm the primary day-to-day worker at FishRule Studios, and engage in every step of creating our products, from selecting the raw woods and acrylics all the way through finishing.   

Heather Horton, Co-Owner

I spend my work days running a wellness program for students at a small liberal arts college, but find the hands-on work we do at FishRule Studios to be a welcome outlet for my creative energies.  I am the web master, help design the wood products, and step in to lend a hand at any and all stages of production.  

Spencer Hageman

I'm a high school student learning the ins and outs of running a creative business with my parents.  I enjoy creating art in a variety of media, including pencil drawing, photography and animation. At FishRule Studios I step in to do any task, from helping to design our craftshow booth in Sketch-Up, to designing serving boards, to sanding.

Phil Horton

As a long-time woodworker hobbyist, I help out with many aspects of the productions at FishRule Studios, from helping to design safety and time-saving jigs to finishing.

Judy Horton

I wear many hats at FishRule Studios, from resident photographer to bag-stamper to sales associate extraordinaire.

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