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Wood Products


We start with hand-selected lumber. Our most commonly used exotic woods are Purple Heart, Yellow Heart and Padauk, while our most commonly used domestic woods are Maple, Walnut, Hickory and Oak.  The boards are then ripped and edged to size depending on what we're making (serving boards, party plates, clipboards, etc.).  We have a lot of tun deciding how to combine the different woods.  Once we've decided on the order of the woods, we carefully edge each piece in order to get great glue adhesion.  Then it's time to glue and clamp.  We certainly agree with that old woodworker's adage that you can never have too many clamps!  When the glue dries, we shape and surface each piece using a router and a lot of sanding.  Once we're satisfied that every surface is smooth, we apply 3 coats of finish.


Caring for your FishRule Studios wood products couldn't be easier!  Wash with mild soap and water and allow to dry thoroughly.  Don't leave your wood products submersed in water, as this will cause swelling and cracking.  We recommend periodically treating with Howard's Butcher Block Conditioner.  Natural wood products develop a patina with use and age.  If after use you notice scratches from utensils, you may lightly sand and re-apply Howard's Conditioner.





Acrylic Products


We start with an acrylic block, which is sized and then drilled depending on the product.  Then the block is turned and sanded on the lathe to create the shape and sheen you see in each acrylic product.  




Sustainability in the Shop


Sustainability is important to us, and we strive to create very little waste in our shop.  We actually started making our cutting boards as an attempt to use cut-offs from other projects.  Acrylic blank cut-offs are upcycled into wine glass tags and jewelry.  Wood scraps are either re-used in making our wood products, or are upcycled into jewelry.


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