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Elegant and simple, this one-of-a-kind Sushi Plate features a stunning piece of Figured Bubinga - one of the most beautiful examples I've ever seen - cut in two and separated by Maple, Purple Heart, and Walnut.  The sliding dovetailed feet are made from Maple.

The dimensions are 5.6" wide by 13.75" long by 1.4" high.

These Sushi Plates are not made-to-order, the item you see is the item you'll get.  The chopsticks are not included but are available separately (contact us).

As with all of our kitchen and serving products, this Sushi Plate has undergone a multi stage finishing process, including several steps of sanding, a dunk in a water bath (to raise the grain), an additional, superfine sanding (to knock the grain back down), and finally three coats of a food grade oil and wax finish.  Without the water bath/final sanding step the grain would rise the first time it was washed by you, giving the plate a rough, or "furry", feel.  Taking these steps helps minimize that effect.

Sushi Plate

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